Isabelle Gauvin

Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada

Bettering one self's inside

The factors that interfere in the possible achievement of a better world have taken forms through different installations that fill the exhibition space. Three factors influencing the development of a better world have been identified; the mental state in which we are, where we come from and what scares us.

The shadow or the light? is a small projected animation that illustrates the influence of our mental state on our lives. However, our state, whether we are in a more "shady" or "bright" mental state, interferes with our negative or positive perception of life.

The second factor of influence is our origin. The family or nest that has seen us grow participated in the image of an ideal world for us, as illustrated by the Maison mère facility, consisting of a house in which the viewer can slip in and enjoy children kaleidoscopic images.

The third factor of influence found is the one of fear. The work Casque illustrates how fear can interfere with our actions and personal development.

The installation offers a complete protection to face the world. Farther, in a small confined space of the showroom, the spectator can discover artefacts of this manoeuvre, then, in the last room, an animated short film of the Barnique Mobile in action.

In your artistic background, which perspective connects you to the theme Brave New World?

What most caught my attention in Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is his proposal of a life without suffering. The interaction developed with the human being in my creative process over the years has led me to consider him as a raw material, a living material. I try to make him live introspection. Art becomes experience. I use moving parts, either the Cabinet de l’Optométriste factice or the Barniques. It is therefore the artwork that goes towards the spectator. Each encounter raises the question: how to shape the world to make it better?


Isabelle Gauvin was born in 1977 and grew up in Mauricie, Quebec, where she has made her studies in fine arts. Internationally and nationally, the artist is known for her projects that, by interaction with the public, identify zany data drawn from the source of existential concerns; What is happiness? What is your worldview?

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