Guillaume Lachapelle

Montréal, Québec, Canada

Galerie d’art du Parc

864, rue des Ursulines, Trois-Rivières - N46 20.587 W72 32.290


My work is developed around a questioning of the notions of reality and perception. Taking the form of models and installations, it reinterprets the environments around us, inspired by architecture and urban patterns. Unusual compositions and associations transpose the architectural fragments composing them in a fictional universe in which a narrative is suggested. By amplifying and altering certain details, these seemingly coherent microcosms suggest anxiety in the familiar and the alienation of reality. The idea of the threshold, of the facade return there metaphorically and composing a symbolic, especially around the grounds of the book and the library where knowledge and darkness intertwine. Result of a combination of various techniques and materials, the sculptures retain a cold aesthetic coming from a work of modelling and 3D print. The integration of light and mirrors are also playing a role as they are shaping moods and spatial depth. The sculptures thus become places creating their own space and seem to be revealing improbable locations elsewhere. Something is happening beyond the limit, beyond appearances and a feeling of dizziness appears in a detail or in the vastness of an ordinary place.

In your artistic background, which perspective connects you to the theme Brave New World?

Work of anticipation, but barely concealed transposition, Brave New World echoes with many aspects of the world we live in. Especially, it raises the distressing relation to a “finite” system and therefore fixed in its form, but also the question of the role of the artist in such a society. Maybe the latter, without being totally evacuated, becomes a craftsman, a decorator following the lines of a formal and prescribed aesthetic. Speechless and equally anesthetized, it becomes one more cog in the machine. It is this notion of anaesthesia and perception of reality that I try to address in my proposal. Evoking the soma, the drug of choice that allows seeing life through pink glasses anyway, I play with lighting moods and try to show up in a pleasantly ethereal way an industrial and dull place that recalls the environment where the protagonists of the novel evolve; a human plant in which humans are both the product and labor.


Guillaume Lachapelle lives and works in Montreal. He graduated in visual arts at UQAM. His practice is primarily sculptural and comes in the form of installations and miniatures. He presented his work in several exhibitions in Canada, Italy, the US and Germany. He has also made several public art works.

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