Claire Morgan

Newcastle, Royaume-Uni

Musée Pierre-Boucher

858, rue Laviolette, Trois-Rivières - N46 20.9203 W72 32.7205

Nature humaine / Human Nature

The aspect of the Brave New World that I think rings most true in contemporary society, is the notion of a happiness that goes hand in hand with ignorance and consumption. I recently heard contemporary capitalism described by author Charles Handy as “more and more people, wanting more and more, of more and more things”. And maybe necessarily this leads to many people preferring not to question where all these things came from, what resources and labour were spent, what damage was caused, whether these things have really made us better or happier or more free. It is easier to pretend these thoughts don’t occur.

But, we have not been designed to be happy with our lot. Thus our endless consumption of products and substances does not keep us happy. Certainly that’s what we are encouraged to believe, and the consumption does provide some frivolous distraction from reality that we can identify as happiness, but in fact it’s the wanting and the isolation that leaves us all unhappy - no matter how much we have, we will want more.

My ideas have stemmed from a notion of what might constitute happiness, and how that might relate to freedom or creativity, in the Brave New World of Huxley, or in our own world.

Everybody is happy now. Meaning is eliminated.

In your artistic background, which perspective connects you to the theme Brave New World?

I am interested in the sense of mental and physical separation that is a result of the way we as a society live. We separate ourselves from nature, from each other. We are aware of terrible, avoidable damage we cause to the world and to other people and animals, and we allow such things to go on in order that our own immediate environment is more comfortable and convenient. For me our own world does not seem too far from the Brave New World at all. People are absolutely taught not to question, not to communicate, not to help, to stay closed and dislike difference, and to look after ourselves and keep ourselves separate. Even down to the notion of ‘savages’ who the powerful and the media would have us believe are somehow less human than we are. The world we are in has become one of darkness, but unlike the Brave New World, we are all told that prosperity must be our primary goal, forsaking all else, and that happiness is not otherwise possible. When in fact, over and over again, the opposite has been revealed to be true.


Claire Morgan was born in Belfast in 1980. She graduated in 2003 from Northumbria University with a first class honors degree in sculpture. Her works have been shown in Europe, United States and Australia. Claire Morgan is worldwide represented by Galerie Karsten Greve. She lives and works in Newcastle, UK.

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