URBALOKO, inspired by the theme Brave New World, is part of a one-time satellite event of the 7th Biennale nationale de sculpture contemporaine (BNSC) in Trois-Rivières. The event will be held in Trois-Rivières, from 2 to 5 September 2016, at the Notre-Dame centre parking, angle of Raymond-Lasnier.

URBALOKO involve transforming and appropriating urban space for a specific artistic intervention. It is an open space to the public in a perspective of large laboratory and relational field.

By promoting the link between artists of different disciplines - sculptors, architects, designers, public space and citizens, we want to make the audience feel challenged and have the desire to play.

We want people to appropriate for themselves the effervescent space of creation and cultural diffusion through exchanges and interaction between generations and cultures.

URBALOKO involves partnerships with Atelier Silex, the Société de développement commercial, the Chambre de commerce et d’insdustrie de Trois-Rivères, L’Audi-C sonorisation inc. and La Frabrique culturelle – Télé-Québec.

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