Text by general manager, Christiane Simoneau


From June 23rd to September 9th 2016, the 7th National Sculpture Biennial involves over 65 emerging and professional artists, from Quebec, Canada and the UK.

Discover the works of the 12 artists of national / international level at the main exhibition, and of the fty artists in the parallel exhibitions, performances, lectures, meetings with the public and the urban satellite event urbaloko, involving artists, architects and designers.

With Brave New World, the artists are questioning, proposing paths of exploration in various imagined imagination where sculpture is celebrated. They t within the ongoing ows of social-economic bursts, in the diversity of visions and multiple achievable possibilities... The works can be found in 12 exhibition venues, the latter becoming privileged opportunities to travel, to react and create, inducing exchange meetings around contemporary art.

Prepare your stay by visiting our website bnsc.ca. Thanks to the artists, the visitors and to the precious partners!

Christiane Simoneau, general manager

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