Béchard Hudon


La chute des potentiels

Free-Fall of Possibilities is a piece of work that has emerged from our interest in materiality and its resonance, time and space, movement and immobility, silence and listening. The piece is made up of ten automated mechanical units. They are in fact fishing rods to which are attached tiny vibratory motors. Swivelling freely at the end of the lines, they become vibrating baits, artificial lures that come into contact with glass containers of various shapes and sizes. This launches a mechanical ballet, a kind of resonant vertigo, a choreography producing a multitude of aleatory, sudden and unexpected sounds. A string of mechanical movements, of acoustic sequences and events translate the empirical experience that we unconsciously make of reality. The visitor witnesses an alteration in the temporality of sensory perceptions. At times contemplative, they smooth out and skim over time; at others overactive and stimulated, they go to the other extreme tossing about in intense, frenetic and unstable movements. Free-Fall of Possibilities is therefore a metaphor for all those petites morts (little deaths) that inhabit and punctuate our existence: in language, for example – the withheld and unspoken word; in gesture – the arrested, aborted, interrupted or consciously abandoned movement. It embodies these apprehensions, these constant tensions produced by an anticipated reality whose dynamics persistently elude us.


Catherine Béchard and Sabin Hudon are interdisciplinary artists who live and work in Montreal. They have worked as a duo since 1999 and their practice brings together kinetic art, sound art, electronic art, performance, drawing and public art. Their work have been presented, in towns in Canada, Croatia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Brazil, the United States and in China, notably at the following venues: the Biennale internationale d’art numérique of Montreal in 2016, during the Mois Multi in Quebec in 2016, at the Knockdown Center in Brooklyn, as part of the Quebec Digital Art event in NYC in 2015, at the triennial Device_Art in Zagreb in 2015 and at the National Museum of China during the exhibition, ThingWorld: International Triennial of New Media Art in 2014.

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