David Clark


The Nine Lives of Schrödinger's Cat

The Nine Lives of Schrödinger's Cat is an installation in nine parts occupying three rooms of the Galerie d'art du Parc. The work brings together an odd series of objects and images: a doctored photograph of a streaker, a photograph of the Halifax Explosion, a model of the Tufts Power Station in Halifax, a replica of ‘The Ashes’ cricket trophy, a computer program written to demonstrate the principles of evolution, replicas of a prop from a Hitchcock film, a YouTube video of a clown attacking a rock star, and a film shot on the site of an abandoned military base in Halifax.

Through intricate connecting threads, a story emerges about explosions and clouds and science’s complicity in the industrialization of war. It is also a contemplation of colonialism and the cold war read through the text of Hamlet and the landscape of Halifax. It is a work that begs multiple readings and interpretations and concerns itself with the puzzling question that emerges from the science of Quantum Mechanics: does our interpretation of reality create reality itself, or even create multiple possible worlds?


David Clark is a media artist, filmmaker, and sculptor who has produced work for the internet, gallery installations, narrative films, and public art commissions. Recent work includes the websites: The End: Death in Seven Colours, 88 Constellations for Wittgenstein, A is for Apple, and Meantime in Greenwich, the first augmented reality public art commission in Halifax. He has recently shown at the Canadian Embassy in Berlin and was included in two major surveys of electronic literature at museums in Mexico City and Barcelona. He has a MFA in Sculpture from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and attended the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program in New York. He teaches Expanded Media at NSCAD University in Halifax.

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