Caroline Gagné

Quebec City, QUEBEC

A Falling Tree Makes more Noise than a Growing Forest

From the outset my practice has involved an approach to art anchored in the experience of the places that I explore. When I am in a particular place, I let myself be pervaded by events that occur there. Moreover there are certain sites that have a greater effect on my research; for example urban parks or the shoreline of the Saint Lawrence River. Certain buildings also, more precisely their inner sounds and noises, interest me: houses tormented by the wind on the Magdalen Islands; an industrial building in Montreal, punctuated by the noises of its central heating system; or, indeed, a cargo ship crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

In developing the idea linked to the proposed theme of the 8th Biennale international de sculpture contemporaine, I will explore the relationship between the artistic and scientific creative processes, through putting an emphasis on the question of observation as a starting point of my creation.

The installation ‘Quand un arbre tombe, on l'entend ; quand la forêt pousse, pas un bruit (‘A Falling Tree Makes more Noise than a Growing Forest’) examines the experience of oscillation, trembling, pulsating, vibration and friction of matter as phenomena linked to sound in space. These phenomena have played an important part in several of my projects and they are the guiding theme of my recent practice.

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