Martin Messier



Martin Messier’s installation, SEWING MACHINE ORCHESTRA, is an invitation to take a close look at the choreography of twelve sewing machines orchestrated by a computer and amplified with the help of microphones. Like the multiple heads of a metallic monster, the machines deploy themselves in a continuous movement, gradually mounting in power, invading the surroundings with sounds of ever-increasing intensity.

Sewing machines evoke work of impeccable precision, and they are tools whose use reflects both a personal and collective economy. The exhibited objects are not industrial; they are domestic sewing machines that have been accumulated and assembled together to create an effect of unreality. Aligned in their space, they move independently. They are phantom objects that look back to another age, and they evoke a transfigured past decontextualized and brought into the present.

An external element, the nonetheless strong presence of the light composition is an integral part of the installation. The light punctuating the whole choreography emphasizes the spectral effect of the installation, and also reveals the shadows of past time.


Martin Messier, who explores the relationship between sound and matter both inert and living, specializes in the scenography of sound works. He gives a voice to everyday objects, invented machines and moving bodies. In many of these projects he attempts to deepen the imaginative aspect of the day-to-day, magnifying objects and reinventing their usage.

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