Giorgia Volpe


Insurrections végétales

Over the last few years I have been investigating the metaphorical relationship between the vegetal and the human world (at once individual, collective and societal), investigations that have been conducted through ephemeral interventions, installations, actions, weaving, photography, drawing and performance. This interest for the vegetal as a metaphor for an ever-changing narrative is linked to a reflection on immigration, memory, integration and miscegenation.

My project for the BNSC consists in the creation of a visual device, both paradoxical and utopian, a nomadic garden entitled Insurrections végétales (Vegetal Insurrections). My intention is to divert the technological agro-alimentary discourse into an unusual context–to cultivate the natural and the artificial while creating a kind of cross-fertilization between culture and nature.

A Boler trailer (loaned from and with the collaboration of the artists’ centre, Vrille|Art actuel, in La Pocatière), transformed into an itinerant garden vehicle, will stop off in different places (urban spaces, villages, parking lots, quays, train and bus stations). Inside the trailer a strange ecosystem will be developed through the accumulation of samples of both vegetal matter and elements of identity, samples gathered from the earth and from encounters in the territories visited by the trailer.

The expansion and proliferating development of the plants inside the trailer metaphorically echo my own creative process, a process characterized by the organic nature of gestures, collections, accumulation, recuperation and metamorphoses.


Giorgia Volpe was born in Sao Paulo (Brazil), and has lived and worked in Quebec City since 1998. She is a visual multidisciplinary artist and has shown her work in over 140 collective and solo exhibitions. Giorgia Volpe has also been artist-in-residence on numerous occasions and has created many public works of art both nationally and internationally. Her works have been presented at the following venues: the Musée National des Beaux-Arts du Québec; the Biennale de Lyon (2011); the Manif d'art de Québec (2012, 2014, 2015); the Triennale Orange of St-Hyacinthe; the Biennale de Design de Saint-Étienne, France (2011); and the BACC in Thaïland, ‘Passages Insolites’ 2016/2017. She was awarded the Prix Videre Création en arts visuels during the 31st edition of the Prix d'excellence des arts et de la culture 2017, awarded by the Manif d’art.

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