Artistic orientation

The NBCS promotes diversity of approach and type of practice. It invites professionals who are well-known for their expertise and their knowledge of the milieu in Quebec, Canada and abroad. It develops a theme that is considered to be alive, original and meaningful, taking into consideration the advances and currents in contemporary art. This mode of operation contributes to the dynamism of the event, provides a platform for reflection, discussion and exchanges on issues arising from the practice of, and current trends in sculpture.

With an expanded field of activity, it promotes the search for and the production of new works. Its mission is to bring out the dynamism of this fragile, unstable but leading-edge position animating related practices that are both tributary to and inclusive in sculpture, while at the same time resistant and unsubmissive. Each edition, taken together, evokes the complexity, the interchange and the decompartmentalization that today's approach to contemporary sculpture can represent.


The National Biennial of Contemporary Sculpture has, as mandate, to organize, disseminate and promote its exhibitions and events stemming from the outburst in the area of sculpture production in Quebec, Canada and abroad. The NBCS produces programming consisting of a tour of exhibitions showcasing the production of new works, satellite events, conferences and awareness workshops. It participates in cultural life and helps to sensitize and increase public interest in contemporary sculpture.


The NBCS is a not-for-profit cultural organization. The corporation was founded in 1983 under the name The National Biennial of Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture, by artists from Trois-Rivières.

To broaden its field of activity, in 2003 the event became The National Biennial of Contemporary Sculpture in Trois-Rivières (NBCS). A Board of Directors consisting of seven individuals coming from the fields of art and business and an organizing committee see to the good organization of each event. Funding is ensured through grants from the federal, provincial and municipal governments in association with partnerships of local organizations and businesses.


  • To produce a powerful catalyzing event for the medium of sculpture at the regional, provincial, national and international levels.
  • To produce a biennial event on the even numbered years, from June to September, around which multidisciplinary satellite activities and awareness workshops may be grafted.
  • To produce promotional tools and tools for reflection based on contemporary sculpture.
  • To develop partnerships, raise awareness and expand the target clientele.


Administrative Council

Pierre Landry / President

Julie Harnois / Vice-presidente

Hélène Beaudry / Secretary-treasurer

Philippe Boissonnet / Administrator

Suzanne Gélinas / Administrator

Lucie Giguère / Administrator

François Normand / Administrator

Orientation committee
& artistic selection

Lynda Baril
Artistic director

Ève-Lyne Beaudry
Curator of Contemporary Art at the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, guest curator BNSC 2014

Louise Paillé
Artist and art historian

Christiane Simoneau
Museologist et executive director
of the BNSC

Organizing committee


Christiane Simoneau
Executive director

Lynda Baril
Artistic director

Lise Barbeau

Director of communications

Jovette Gagné
Office agent


Louise Paillé
Artist and art historian

Ève Tellier-Bédard
Lead animator

Sébastien Cossette
Project manager

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