BNSC 2016

From June 23rd to September 9th, 2016

In 1932, Aldous Huxley imagined a Brave New World. Today, like Huxley, what world should we imagine, wich world is to remake; utopian, pragmatic, chimerical, idealistic, temporal, spiritual... For the 7th edition, the artistic orientation committee is composed of: Lynda Baril, artistic director of the BNSC, Audrey Labrie, Project manager and Artistic coordinator of Atelier Silex, Genevieve Goyer-Ouimette, independent curator and director of CIRCA art actuel, Louise Paillé, artist and art historian, Christiane Simoneau, museologist, General manager of the BNSC and of the Galerie d’art du Parc.

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