Theme BNSC 2018

Art and Science – Trajectory of the Senses

The artist explores both physical and virtual matter in determinate or indeterminate spaces, until reaching, or even going beyond, the limits of perception. How does sculpture evolve in such an environment, and how do artists explore the relationship between art and science in order to propose hypotheses and lines of research that are ever more surprising?

At the very limits of ‘low-tech’ and ‘high-tech’, the artists of the 8th Biennale nationale de sculpture contemporaine de Trois-Rivières impart multi-sensorial attributes to their works that cannot be experienced with indifference. The artists combine a return to traditional values, giving priority to technical skills and raw materials, with the use of intelligent machines, digital interfaces, and automated systems. Within this research laboratory where art and science meet, the dynamics of stability and instability are put to the test.

In this edition of the BNSC, it is from the viewpoint of ‘low-tech’, simulating or suggesting ‘high-tech’, that the sculptures and installations elicit destabilising technological phenomena that evoke both illusion and utopia. Fired as they are by the urge for unceasingly renewed research, both art and technology are destabilizing – and time itself rushes headlong under the impulse of technological advances that unfold with ever-increasing speed. Faced with the rapid evolution of technologies, our sensorial capacities are strongly solicited, even put under tension, our perception is undermined and our cognition tricked. The vertiginous speed of passing time is at one with the whirling senses and, insidiously, the dizzying confusion of meaning!

Caught up in the midst of the technological revolution, the selected works invite the spectator to journey between the material and immaterial, the tangible and intangible, the mobile and immobile, the visible and invisible – phenomena that provoke feelings of exaltation and euphoria that engender the creation of new trajectories of meaning, emotion and poetry.

Émilie Granjon, Director of CIRCA Art Actuel

Member of the Artistic Orientation and Selection Committee of the BNSC 2018

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