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Photo : Jean-François Lamoureux


Annie Roy and her late partner Pierre Allard founded ATSA – Quand l’art passe à l’action in 1997. In little more than twenty-one years, ATSA’s track record already includes over 50 works. Offering relational installations and events for the public realm, ATSA echoes our world’s current social and environmental concerns. Its approach reinstates the public place as an arena of citizenship open to social discussion and debate. To learn more:

ATSA has received, among others, the YMCA Peace Medal (2019), the Prix du Jury from the Caisse de la Culture Desjardins for the 33rd Grand Prix of the Conseil des Arts de Montréal, the 2011 Giverny Capital Prize and the Artistes pour la Paix 2008 Award.

Photo : Manuel Baumann

Photos : Étienne Boisvert et Jean-Michael Seminaro

Le Temps d’une Soupe

Le Temps d’une Soupe is a relational work in the public space that believes in our ability to overcome our fear of the unknown and brings us closer to the other in an experience of sharing.

ATSA invites you to discover its first intra muros presentation of this public realm relational art intervention, which has involved, since its creation, over 10 000 citizens on four conti- nents and presentations in seven languages. Le Temps d’une Soupe gives participants the opportunity to exchange on important current issues with a stranger while sharing a soup, then taking poetic portraits. (You can view the portraits at

Le Temps d’une Soupe is a moment of openness to the other that summons our emo- tional intelligence outside of social network algorithms. The Trois-Rivières edition of this experiential work was also included in the programming of Festivoix on June 26, 2020, it has been cancelled because of the pandemic. The indoor exhibition will unveil an auto- nomous mechanism that will allow the creation of human and attuned relationships to live on, calling for a world of peace.

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