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Photo : Ivan Binet


BGL, a Québec City art collective, is renowned for its installations that take hold of exhibition set- tings. Among the memorable pieces in their portfolio, a few should be mentioned, namely À l’abri des arbres at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, in 2001 ; Need to believe at the Mercer Union, Toronto, in 2005 ; Le discours des éléments, presented at Œil de Poisson in Québec City in 2007, as well as Canadassimo at the Biennale de Venise, in 2015. In 2018, BGL presented its recent exhibition, Spectacle + Problem, at the London Museum, in its namesake city in Ontario.

Photos: Jean-Michael Seminaro

Panorama d'un cycle pop

We are BGL, a trio of artists from Québec City that has been around since 1996. Our practice is varied, firmly anchored in matter and manual work. Our interventions often involve make-do/figurative esthetics and aims to inform on our favorite discoveries, those flirting with poe- try by generating surprise and fascination.

For the Biennale, we intend to continue our research with replicas of bronze Popsicle sticks. Our sole prototype is the 1:1 scale model of a guitarist. This first experiment has allowed us to test the solidity of the material and the effectiveness of the faux-finish that creates the illusion of genuine Popsicle sticks.

We approach the project with the trump card of sturdiness and illusion in fragile and makeshift materials in the back of our minds. We set out to create sculptures that would be improbable if they were made of coffee stir-sticks, yet feasible thanks to the properties of bronze and faux-finish.

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