André Fournelle / Montréal

Photo : Michel Dubreuil


André Fournelle’s work starts gaining visibility in the early 1960s. After spending two years in an industrial foundry and working alongside Armand Vaillancourt in an art foundry, he establishes the Fonderie expérimentale et collective with Marc Boisvert. He also collaborates with Marcelle Ferron in a search for new alloys between glass and metal. In the 1970s, he joins the EAT group (Experiment in Art and Technology), an American multidisciplinary laboratory created by artist Rauschenberg. In 1994, Fournelle represents Québec in sculpture at the Jeux de la Francophonie in Paris. In 1999, he creates the intervention Lumière et silence (Une ligne de feu sur la Seine) along the Pont des Arts in Paris, in which a line of fifire crossing the Seine is ignited by French art historian and critic Pierre Restany. In 2005, he orchestrates the Les Incendiaires installation in the square facing the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Throughout his career, André Fournelle has designed and installed numerous artworks in Québec, the US and Europe. The relevance of his work stands as undeniable testimony of his social and political commitment.

Photos : Judith Mc Murray

Ligne d'or / Ligne de vie

It follows its course. The line ends as does existence.

Why believe in the principles of alchemy?
A propensity to go beyond thought by experiencing matter and the here and now.

The transmutation of metals and ideas. Believing as source of action.

Art is reflection. Believing is hope. Claiming the right to believe.

This work is the result of a performance presented during the Nuit Blanche Event at the Darling Foundry in 2018; the randomness of the bronze flow illustrated in the work’s title. As an interventionist artist, André Fournelle does not dissociate introspection art from action art. His combined sculpture/performances still rely on light in all its technological forms (laser, neon, optical fiber, fire) and the four natural elements, earth, water, air and fire. The element of surprise triggered by his works draws in spectators while raising their awareness of the reality surrounding them.

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