La Famille Plouffe / Longueuil

Photo : Maryane Farah


La Famille Plouffe has consolidated its artistic entity with the arrival of each new life within the family group. After an artist-in-residence experience in France, with family in tow, they decided to adopt this common signature for the sake of upholding the integrity of the unit as a whole. Since then, it has continued creating a multitude of public art projects and original artworks for events, residencies, collective and solo exhibitions.

Photos : Étienne Boisvert et Jean-Michael Seminaro

Filent dessus, filent dessous

The essence of this creative project surfaced during our visit to the Musée POP reserve's collection. In what was basically a quest for selected manufactured objects, we were unexpectedly stirred by feelings of candor, truthfulness, authenticity, spontaneity and simplicity. We then promised ourselves to weave the “hidden tales” of people through their handiwork creations and to bear witness to the precariousness of their imaginary universe.

We attempt to shake up the issues revolving around the “folklorization” of pop culture in intergenerational transmission. All facets of our works are directly or indirectly linked to elements of an essentially language-based culture (stories, colloquial expressions, gestures, vernacular objects or know-hows). This is our way of updating and highlighting the transmission of a tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

Our human scale assemblage depended essentially on our experience of the locations and meetings with various micro-communities. This is the raw material that resides at the heart of our work. Our thirst for re-enchantment is quenched through the playful prism of childhood, allowing our unassuming propositions tinged with the matter-of-course, the mundane and the run-of-the-mill to be elevated to the stature of legendary.

Collaborators: the Musée POP, artist zipertatou, artisans and team of the Atelier Le Fil d’Ariane.

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