A word from the directors

We are currently living in a time of widespread uncertainty and of growing polarization of opinions. In light of this observation, the artistic and orientation committee of the 9th National Biennial of Contemporary Sculpture has chosen to examine the evolution of systems that have built our world.

At the heart of this reflection, the theme Believe has stood out as a state of mind, a motor for much-needed change during these trying circumstances. The 2020 BNSC wishes to highlight the hope emanating from the social commitment of artists and their works, as translated through increasingly interactive practices.

The sensibility of approaches taken by the thirteen artists and group of artists invited to this edition falls within the scope of the ever-changing nature of rehabilitation of territory, history, family and cultural diversity; it promotes taking action for living together.

In addition, the 9th BNSC offers a greater number of creative and awareness-raising workshops to endorse the art of space and contemporary sculpture as a vehicle for the sharing of human values.

The theme Believe and selected works have engaged partners from many sectors—business, cultural, community—all of them pursuing an objective of responsible and sustainable development. In cooperation with these knowing players, the artists’ projects forge relationships between societal groups and involve the public at large in the presentation of works or artistic interventions.

Thereby, the 9th edition of the National Biennial of Contemporary Sculpture asserts its identity as a flagship event during the current crisis, with the theme Believe deploying its true meaning by calling for a citizen mobilisation and participation on a human scale.

Lynda Baril, Audrey Labrie

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