Carlos Amorales


Carlos Amorales is a multidisciplinary artist who explores the limits of language and translation systems. He uses graphic production as a tool to develop linguistic structures and alternative working models that allow new forms of inter­pretation. Born in 1970 in Mexico City, Amorales studied at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam in 1995. He has held solo exhibitions at MUAC (University, Museum of Contemporary Art) and the Tamayo Museum in Mexico, the Philadelphia Art Museum and BAMPFA in the USA, and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. He’s represented Holland and Mexico at the Venice Biennial in 2003 and 2017. His work is part of museum collections such as the Tate Modern, MoMA, the Guggenheim Museum, the Stedelijk Museum, and MUAC.


Installation title: Life in the Folds

Step by Step: On Walking and Process

The process of masking an image as a way of codifying meaning in order to shift the way we normally perceive things, has been central to my artistic practice. This proposal is based on the transformation of a set of abstract shapes into a type font that becomes written language and subsequently phonetic language by means of the design of wind instruments based on these same shapes. These shapes are also the source for the creation for a series of puppet characters that are used to write the script of a film suggesting the arrival of a migrant family into a town. Wind instruments, puppets and script will be tools activated by performers during the exhibition.

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