Guillaume Brisson-Darveau


Guillaume Brisson-Darveau is a Canadian artist living in Tiohtià:ke / Montréal. His work has been presented in Canada and abroad, notably at Engramme (2021, Canada), at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo - Parque Forestal (2018, Chile), and at the NEoN Digital Arts Festival (2016, UK). He has participated in many artist residencies, including at the NARS Foundation (2021, USA), the cheLA Centro Hipermediático Experimental Latinoamericano (2019, Argentina), the Atelier Mondial (2018, Switzerland), and at Est-Nord-Est (2016, Canada).

He has developed over the last few years a sculptural practice involving performativity and site specificity. In it, he explores the poetic and sometimes playful potential of the sculptural object through its fragility, versatility, and monumentality.


Installation title: Les cocons [The Cocoons]

For the Les cocons [The Cocoons] project, I will create a sculptural installation made up of different portable elements that evoke the concept of metamorphosis. A cocoon is a temporary shelter built by a living organism in order to transform and grow; a human-scaled cocoon will give rise to sculpture-bodies with hybrid morphologies that blur the line between human and nature.

This project is rooted in a sculptural practice involving significant performative and site-specific aspects. Objects will be created out of rudimentary and recycled materials and will then be interacted with in what I envision will be a wacky fashion show. The project is aligned with my latest endeavours, which are influenced by a reflection on hybrid bodies and the representation of the transformed body as conveyed by science-fiction cinema and manga culture. The artworks that emerge from this research are at the crossroads of fashion, performance, and sculpture.

I will develop and produce the project in collaboration with Innofibre, a cellulosic product innovation centre. Set up thanks to the NBCS, this partnership will allow me to explore novel materialities in order to create a new, more organic, type of sculpture.

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