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For twenty years, the Biennale nationale de sculpture contemporaine has cele­brated the arts of space in all their forms by presenting the latest investigations led by contemporary artists.

For its 10th edition, the Artistic Steering Committee pondered the effects of the global health crisis as well as the cultural ecosystem and the marginal creative process. From that line of questioning, the theme Marche Démarche Manoeuvre (Step by Step: On Walking and Process) emerged. This margin allows us to create new relationships with the world which imply how compo­nents of society have evolved. This angle addresses cultural issues by examining our use of resources, both human and natural, and initiates a thought process on current challenges.

Working over the last two years in the distinctive context created by the pandemic, the inherent values that have always underpinned our event have proven to be essential elements of this theme. The selected artists’ proposals will therefore examine issues like the ability to acknowledge our actions, the fight for social justice, the preservation of the environment and the awareness of various cultures.

As a satellite to this 10th BNSC, Tapiskwan Sipi – Threading-of-the-needle River, which presents intangible gestures, leads us to consider other dimensions of sculpture. This environmentally friendly project looks at and highlights ancestral Indigenous traditions through ephemeral actions that will mark the Mauricie landscape.

Of course, welcoming the public and offering family and participatory activities remain our top priorities. Thanks to our valued partners’ precious collaboration, we can present new initiatives that will be sure to interest everyone.

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